Let me talk about myself for a minute

I’m 29 years old, married, and I own a cat. I’m very into self improvement, reading, personal growth, meditation, and the like.

I’m super into computers and internet things and over the years I’ve owned 3 different web design agencies and one SEO agency. I am super good at SEO, super good at coding, super good at WordPress development, and really not very good at all at photoshop.

I also really enjoy blogging. In fact, I had a dating blog years ago where I gave some pretty great advice. That blog got really popular and I got bitten with the “internet marketing bug”.

This is all super important for you to know because, as of now, I work in a grocery store deli. It’s a long story, but basically I did not work quite as hard as I should have when I was given the opportunity, and now I make $8.75 an hour, part time. Which isn’t working for me.

So now my life is a case study.

I decided that the best thing I could do was go all Truman Show on my own ass and turn my entire life into a case study and put it all out there for you to see.

What’s in it for you?

Laugh as I make mistakes, so you don’t have to! Follow along with me (Like my Facebook, Follow on Twitter, and Subscribe on YouTube) and watch as I achieve my vision before your very eyes. Along the way you’ll get to see what worked for me, what I used, how I did it, where I went wrong, and where I went right.

I’m going to be giving monthly updates to my goals, monthly updates to my vision progress, and what systems I’m putting in place to achieve these things. I’m doing this all for free, for you, and you can feel free to copy and paste what I’m doing.

The Vision

Living on an internet-based income where my job does not rely on customer interaction, customer service, or sales prowess. Where I am able to earn a full time income by bringing value to strangers through the power of the internet. Where I am able to provide a generous living for 10 employees, myself, and my wife. Where I am able to expel all of my debts and purchase a second vehicle of my choosing. Where I am able to generously give to my church.

Being in peak physical and mental shape, with the ability to perform high intensity tasks for an above average amount of time. Needing only the minimal amount of sleep so I can spend my time doing things I want.

The Goals


  1. Remove all debt (Currently at about $30,000)
  2. Purchase A Car
  3. Hire Employees
  4. Purchase A House
  5. Quit My Day Job


  1. Lose my excess fat
  2. Improve my posture (to perfection)
  3. Pack on a healthy amount of muscle
  4. Read 52 books a year (average)

The Plan

You will notice that my current goals are not very specific. Because I don’t believe in specific goals. I’ve tried specific goals all my life and I either feel overwhelmed by them or achieve them too quickly (because I set the bar too low). Instead, I’d rather focus on “systems thinking”, where I have directions I would like to see myself move towards, and take steps in those directions each day, and trust myself to know my destinations as I reach them.

For example: I don’t know exactly how many pounds of fat I want to lose, how much muscle I want to put on, and what body fat percentage I need to be at, but I have an idea of about where I’d like to be, about how lean. And that goal itself will shift as I near it, I’m sure.

I’m going to use the skillsets currently available to me (internet marketing, web design, seo) to set up some affiliate sites and bring them to profitability. I will use that money to reinvest into more affiliate sites (rinse & repeat) until I have enough money to start achieving my vision.

I’ll keep this blog updated as frequently as possible on my progress, and will always have a month-over-month update. I’ll post videos and text post updates of the affiliate sites I’m building, how I’m building them, what I’m doing to get in shape, and so forth. I’ll be categorizing the blog so you can track either my financial progress, my fitness progress, or both (and any other goals I add as I continue on).

So there you have it. That’s my life. Enjoy this shit.

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