A treatment of The Will

I engaged a person on Reddit’s r/AskAChristian over the topic of Libertarian free Will. He (I assume) stated that Christianity is incompatible with Libertarian Free Will, but didn’t see how, if that was true, we could be held responsible for our sin. Well we both agree that Libertarian Free Will is garbage. This is my Read More

The Gospel is Hard

I’ve come to a place in my faith where I realize that I’m not taking it seriously enough. Have you ever had one of those moments? Where you realize something is vastly more important that you initially thought? I’ve always known that my faith was important. I always knew it mattered, but I just assumed Read More

“Spiritual Warfare” is a bunch of nonsense.

Human beings are a bunch of superstitious weirdos. Nothing changes, unfortunately, when you add in a religious belief system. In fact, we probably get more superstitious and quacky when you start adding in spirituality. When I was growing up, my mother used to have this woman over to the house every Thursday night, along with Read More