My name is Remy Sheppard.

My LinkedIn profile says I excel at, “meeting client and end-user needs by building highly customized web-approached interfaces designed to increase ROI and customer retention through specialized technologies.”

Basically, I build websites.

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What people say about me


Carla West

We have said over and over again what a great investment the website was for our small business.


Rev. Hans Fiene

Remy built a website for our church.


Pr. Joe Christina

Remy built a blog into our church website and tricked me into using it.


Samantha (my wife)

Honey, it's 3am. Please come to bed. I'm getting worried about all of the coffee you're drinking....

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My current home base is my home town of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Home of the 82nd Airborne!

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