Crocodile Package

Crocodile Package

Let’s talk about my Crocodile Package

The Crocodile Package is for people who are in medium competition niche markets and are ready to take their SEO Strategy Seriously. It includes everything in the Iguana Package Plus the following:

300 Additional Citations

The more citations the better! In this package I’ll personally list your business name, address, phone number, website, logo, and description (where possible) across 400 different business directories on the web. This sends a strong signal that you’re a real business and very trustworthy – huge factor when it comes to ranking high in the Maps and Organic listing sections of Google.

Citation Management Control

In addition to the 400 citations I will build, I’ll also include citation management control. With Citation Management I will not only keep track of the 400 citations that I build for you, I’ll also find and clean up any additional citations that are already on the web, and further optimize them to enhance your web presence. And if you ever move your location, or change your phone number, I’ll update every single citation you have. This is normally something I charge an additional $199 a month for, yours free with this package.

Google My Business Domination

Are you ready to kick your competitor’s asses in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Because I’m ready for it! And one of the best strategies to do that is by dominating the ever loving poop out of Google’s My Business Service.

Your GMB (Google My Business) listing is what pops up in that nifty little map pack when you search for things like “plumbers near me”:

I’ll optimize, enhance, and turbo charge your GMB listing so that you blow the doors off of every other business in the area. This service on its own is worth $500, but is included for free in the initial set up. I’ll also keep an eye on your GMB listing and update it every month, week, or even day if needed! You’ll be unstoppable.

What’s this sort of thing cost?

The first month is $1,995 and is where most of the “heavy lifting” is done. From there you will be automatically rebilled $997 per month until you cancel. The re-bill covers an indefinite linking strategy, continued social media engagement, citation management, and Google My Business management. I’ll never surprise bill you, and I’ll never share your information with anyone for my own personal gain. I will, however, rank the hell out of your website.

So What Do You Say?

[stripe name=”Remy Sheppard (dotcom) SEO” description=”Iguana Package” amount=”99700″]-

Once you hit that order button you’ll be shown a pop-up where you can set up the auto bill with your credit or debit card. After that you’ll be brought to a page where I’ll ask you for some details about you and your website. Once you give me that info I’ll reach out personally and we’ll get started.