Get rid of bad office posture once and for all!

Get rid of bad office posture once and for all!

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One of the biggest problems I have with my posture is a condition known as “Forward Head Posture” or “Forward Head Carriage”. It’s a condition that, over the last few decades, has been linked to sitting in a chair in front of a computer all day, but more recently has been seen occuring in young people who are on their phones too frequently.

I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I have for years, which has caused me to have pretty severe posture problems. The thing about posture is it negatively impacts you in a lot of other areas of your life, both psychologically and physically. My head is so forward, because I’m so used to being hunched over a computer, that the back of my neck, at the base, has started to see a calcified growth on the bone.

This is a natural response of the body to a forward head carriage. The spine can’t bear the weight of the skull that far out of alignment (especially with a brain as large and impressive as mine -wink emoji-), so it has to augment part of the spine with calcium to “reinforce” the supporting vertibrae. Not only is this physically unsightly, it also forces my head forward, reinforcing my bad posture.

Because one part of your posture will impact all other parts of your posture, my head being so far forward has also caused my shoulders to round forward severely, not helped by my weaker back muscles and tight chest muscles. The lower spine now has to exaggerate in the other direction to compensate and attempt to bring my head over my hips so I can function like a human being. This means my pelvis is tilted very forward, about as far forward as it can physically go. This results in a visible “S” shape when viewing me from the side.

If I’m being competely raw and honest with you: I once saw a picture of myself at the computer that my wife took and I was literally sick over it. I looked so bad that it made me physically uncomfortable see.

So what on earth do you do about something like this? I’ll admit that for the longest time the problem felt so severe that I figured there was no solution. I was just stuck like this. Years of simply not paying attention had resulted in me permanently Quasimodo-ing myself.

I was just going to have to live with the morning back pain, the frequently neck pain, the limited range of motion, not being able to look up because of the calcium deposit on the back of my neck (Seriously!). I was well and truly screwed and there was nothing to do about it.

This wasn’t something I wanted to accept, so I started looking around. I’m nothing if not defiant.

At first I didn’t find very much. There were surgical options, but it’s dangerous to operate on the spine – especially if it’s essentially cosmetic. Besides, without any real health coverage and only a part time job it wasn’t really a viable option.

Yoga seemed like a thing I might want to try. I’ve never seen someone who is into Yoga and also has bad posture. Ultimately, though, Yoga is not really something you can do or teach yourself.

I don’t have a gym membership because I’m cutting down to essential costs, and body weight exercises just do not get you anywhere physically. While you should do them, they’re more akin to cardio in that they keep you healthy but don’t necessarily provide strength. If you want to get strong, you have to push steel. I’m sorry, it’s just how it is. No one gets strong by jogging.

It seemed pretty hopeless for me until I stumbled on Forward Head Posture Fix by Mike Westerdal & Rick Kaselj.

Oh my gosh. You guys, this book is a game changer. I honestly had given up on finding a way to fix my posture and was just looking around Clickbank for fitness products to sell on an affiliate site and I just sort of ran across it. As I started reading the sales page I realized that they were describing my problems exactly. They have pictures of people that look like me and have the problems I have (Seriously! Check it out).

It was only $10, so I figured, “What the hell?” and bought the book – and what a great choice that was!

The book is an ebook that you can download to your computer or a tablet. It explains what FHP is, why you suffer from it, and the best news of all: It is fixable. Even the calcified deposit I feel on the back of my neck is repairable! It just takes some time, some effort, and attention to my posture.

Foward Head Posture Fix takes you through why your posture is bad, the negative effects of bad posture on your life, and how you can fix these things. The book very clearly explains how to feel your posture, letting you know what good posture feels like so you can know you’re standing or sitting up straight (without having to lean on a wall or something silly-looking).

The book clearly illustrates – with pictures – various different exercises, stretches, and massages. The stretches and massages will help you loosen up your neck, chest, back, and shoulder muscles. The exercises help strengthen the most important muscle in your neck (that’s responsible for fixing your FHP). The book even shows you what you can do during the day to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success with your posture – no matter how much or how little you’re at a desk.

Now earlier I said that you couldn’t teach yourself Yoga. So why could you teach yourself any of this stuff? Not only is the book clearly written, but when you purchase you’re given access to a web page that has tons of videos that show you everything in the book, step by step, and even extra videos with alternate exercises not listed in the book.

So much time and care went into this little $10 ebook and it really delivers the value. These guys went above and beyond, here.

In the month or so that I’ve had this book and been doing the exercises and stretches in it I’ve seen an overall improvement in my posture at the computer and while standing. My hips and lower back don’t hurt as much, I have a better range of motion in my neck and experience less neck pain during the day – it’s really amazing.

If you’re suffering from bad posture I really encourage you to check out this book. It is only $10 and it even comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. You know, in case $10 is just too steep.

I promise you won’t regret buying this silly little book.

And what’s more, if you purchase the book through one of my links, I get a few dollars of the sale at no cost to you. Not only are you fixing your forward head posture and improving your life, you’re helping support me and this site. That’s win/win, my friend.

I hope this post has helped you if you need it. If you know someone that may need it, share it with them. Bad posture is unhealthy and unsightly – but it can be fixed.

Until Next Time,

Remy Sheppard

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