I have been heavily involved in web development for the last 18 years. Over that time I've developed a mastery of HTML & CSS, fluency in php, vanilla JS, jQuery, and SCSS, and I'm conversational in ASP. I specialize in WordPress development, and have been building WordPress websites nearly exclusively for the last decade.

I've also got professional training and nearly 10 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization. I've ranked many sites to the top of Google for years and I've never suffered a penalty. This is easiest to see on my cat's website, Gabby The Tabby, which consistently ranks for my target keywords, bringing me traffic and revenue each month, despite my having not updated it in 3 years.

My base price for web development, ground up, is $3,000.

My base price for SEO, ground up, is $2,500 down, $900 a month.

If you wish to hire me for website design or SEO, email me for a full quote: me@remysheppard.com