Iguana Package

Iguana Package

So you want to learn more about my Iguana package, eh?

The Iguana package is perfect for low competition niche markets or people who don’t mind ranking nice and slow. If you’re looking to invest a small amount of money into SEO each month, and you already know and trust how important that is, then this package is for you.

Let me break down what I’ll do for ya!

Onsite Cleanup & Optimization

Step number one is a complete website audit and backend overhaul. I’ll go through your site, line by line, step by step, and make sure that you have all of the right keywords in the right places, I’ll make sure your images are optimized, and I’ll make sure your code is loading in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

I will ensure that your site adheres to current best practices for user experience, pagespeed, content readability, and media placement. I take the time to ensure all of the titles and descriptions of each page are unique, keyword specific to the page, and actionable. I make sure that each image is compressed and has the proper alternate text.

100 Directory Citations

I’ll take your company’s Name, Address, Phone Number, and URL and a short, well written description, and add it to 100 business directories across the web. This is a hugely important step for local business because it imbues you with trust – and trust is how you rank. You have to make Google trust you – and what kind of real business doesn’t have a Yelp?

Social Media Engagement

You know what else real businesses have that fake ones don’t have? Chatter. People talk about real businesses. Be it positive or negative, a real business will have a certain amount of social buzz. I will use a proprietary strategy to help create a social media “buzz” around your business, getting you real engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. While this will result in some traffic and (possible) some business, the real value is the huge amount of trust you will gain by having real social engagement around your business.

Organic Backlink Strategy

I’ll reach out to various blogs, websites, and niche spaces around the web that relate to your business and interact with them, leaving friendly little links along the way. In Google’s eyes, a link is a vote of confidence that the item being linked to is trustworthy and reliable. The more reputable the source that links to you, the more power the link has. With My awesome backlink strategy you’ll build real, organic, and natural backlinks to your website every single month.

What’s this sort of thing cost?

The first month is $995 and is where most of the “heavy lifting” is done. From there you will be automatically re-billed $497 per month until you cancel. The re-bill covers an indefinite linking strategy and continued social media engagement. I’ll never surprise bill you, and I’ll never share your information with anyone for my own personal gain. I will, however, rank the hell out of your website.

So What Do You Say?

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Once you hit that order button you’ll be shown a pop-up where you can set up the auto bill with your credit or debit card. After that you’ll be brought to a page where I’ll ask you for some details about you and your website. Once you give me that info I’ll reach out personally and we’ll get started.