You may have noticed some changes.

A few weeks ago when I started blogging I was using the Grav CMS. It’s a flat file system and it’s wonderful for what it does, but it’s a bit overkill for what I was looking for. And it bases it’s themes off of the Twig templating engine, which I hate.

I’ve also been paying attention to Google’s Material Design Language lately and I really wanted to build something on their idea. I played around and made a little static page which is pretty much the home page you can see now.

Then these two ideas converged: I wanted to ditch Grav and go with something a bit lighter, and I wanted to keep the static home page I’d built and not have to go through a bajillion years of hassle trying to fit it into a skin.

Welcome to Jekyll.

After looking around and not being able to find anything suitably plug and play, I opted to go with Jekyll - something I’ve played with before.

Jekyll is a static website generator built in Ruby. Basically, I make my own template using the (much easier) Liquid templating system (also built in Ruby), and from there put a few pieces of content written in Markdown in a special folder, and then run a bash command (jekyll b), and it generates a complete static html site for me to just upload to my server. Done.

Want to write a new post? Easy. Just add a new markdown file to the “_posts” folder, run jekyll b, and upload.

So that’s what I’ve been doing with my Monday.

On Other Fronts

I’ve been inching closer to working out and actually weighing my food. I’ll get there when I decide to get there.

The money is doing well. The wife and I have opted to discharge one debt with another, so while our total debt is remaining the same, our monthly nut is going down by $400. This will allow us to put that $400 on our smaller debts to discharge them quicker, and build a faster snowball. When it comes to debt reduction, liquidity is the name of the game.

I’ve also gotten two new web site design clients and have two meetings tomorrow to get more work in that sector. Extra money always helps.

Alright, I’m going to go fiddle with my website some more. Maybe add comments.