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Privacy Policy

My privacy statement is simple: Your information is private. Period. I will never sell, rent, or share your email to a third party. Only me. This site does use cookies and Google Analytics tracking codes. I just want to keep an account of how many people are checking this stuff out, what content is most read, and where my readers are from. You should do yourself a favor and read Google’s Privacy Policy.

Affiliate Disclosure

Assume that every single link out of this website benefits me in some way. If you click through to Amazon and buy something, I definitely get a cut. If you click through any other link, assume that I somehow make money. This does not mean, however, that I put up links and reviews for money. I will never endorse something I don’t have personal experience with. The links are going to be there whether or not I can monetize them, I just figure I might as well make some change. All of this happens at no cost to you.

Content Warning

Not everything on this site is for kids. I sometimes have controversial thoughts and ideas. I sometimes write them down. I often do this with pointless swearing. Please try your hardest (and I mean really dig deep and try) not to be a little girl about everything. Not everyone is going to agree with you or think like you, and that’s okay. If at any point you disapprove of what I’m saying, you can either reach out to me to express such disagreement (which will result in your very public mocking), or simply click away from this website.

Content Licensing

All of the content of this website is copyright © 2004 – 2017 by me (Remy Sheppard). I wrote every last word. Do not copy my stuff without attribution. I don’t really have the resources, time, or energy to enforce this, so I’m really just asking as a favor. But if you do decide to copy any content off of this website in part or whole, at least give me a little credit with a link back. Thanks, man. I owe you one. Not really. But at least you don’t owe me anything.