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I'm not saying that I'm best friends with Dr. Jordan Cooper, but he was once forced to sit next to me in an automobile for an extended length of time.

He wasn't smiling for the picture, he just happened to look over while laughing.

That being said, I respect Dr. Cooper greatly. His podcast and his videos have helped me tremendously with understanding the faith and understanding the various assaults against it, such as Mormonism.

I had, however, never had the opportunity to read a book that he had published until my pastor loaned me his book "Liturgical Worship: A Lutheran Introduction"

Liturgical Worship: A Lutheran Introduction

Here is the thing about the book: It handles a very dry subject. It deals with a lot of history, and a lot of tradition, and then it has to explain all of this to the reader in detail - including the variants of the traditions, and why they've changed.

This is the kind of book that, if I were to tell you what it were about, you'd probably pass, as it sounds like it's going to be the most boring thing you've ever read. I mean, how could it not be?

And Yet....

Dr. Cooper works a sort of miracle in that he takes an extremely dry subject and makes it fascinating! The man himself is wonderful at explaining things and teaching, and has a real gift for being engaging and authoritative in how he speaks.

This ability of his carries over extremely well in the written word. It's not that he includes jokes or personal anecdotes in the book, because I don't think he did. Rather, he writes in an easy to understand way that flows well and pulls you in, and before you know it you've read half the book.

The book itself is also very educational and informative, touching on a broad range of subjects and how they've impacted the liturgy over the years. You come away from it all understanding the deep Christian tradition that is present in the Liturgy and a deeper respect for the service.

Every Sunday, now, I understand more of what I'm doing, giving Glory to God, receiving His gifts, offering my praise. It's truly a beautiful and divine service, and this book helped me understand it more thoroughly.

If you're interested in Lutheranism, understanding Lutheran worship, or learning more about the historic and liturgical practices of the church, then I would highly recommend this book to you.

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