Thanks to a big update by the folks that power this website, Ghost, you can now subscribe to a premium membership level and help support my writing and such.

There are currently three levels of membership, each with varying degrees of content availability:

  • Completely free
  • Subscriber
  • Paid

Completely Free Membership

It is what it sounds like: A completely free level of membership. Just put "" in your URL bar and enjoy. Currently all of my writing and podcasts fall under this membership level. I will not being going back and changing things because that's a lot of work.

Subscriber Level

The subscriber level is also completely free but requires you register a valid email address with me. With the email subscription you will get access to some email subscriber only posts on the website. You're also given access to a newsletter that will be sent out fairly frequently.

The Paid Membership level is $2 a month or $18 a year (for now). With paid membership you will get access to exclusive, paid only posts and access to a premium newsletter (still working this out) that has some more in depth content. I'm also looking into making YouTubes and more podcasts - those things will vary in availability by membership level as well.

The Future

All in all I am going to spend more time here writing, thinking, processing and expounding. I know you all spend your days craving a look in my mind. I can see you now, sitting there biting your fingernails, thinking, "What does Remy think about the Pachamama?"

Well wonder no more! It's a pagan idol that the pope blessed because he's the antichrist. I'll also be answering other questions and things.