Christus Victor Ev. Lutheran Church

A comprehensive web solution for a growing local church in Fayetteville, NC!

Christus Victor Ev. Lutheran Church

Full Disclosure: Christus Victor is actually my church! Far from paying me for their website, I think I actually pay them for the opportunity.

One of the first things I did when I became an official member of CVLC was to rebuild their website. I don’t think I asked, even. I think I just made it, and showed it to the pastor and the council, and they let me put it up.

The website is pretty in depth, including integrated giving, news, events, ministries, a blog, video/podcast integration support, and much more.

The website itself does not take advantage of every feature that is baked in, but these things can be turned on at the flip of a switch.

This website is built on the Bethany Theme - a theme available for your church, charity, or business to use!

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